Stick to Paper

The requirement was to conquer digital dominance with a creative paper experience. The aim was to demonstrate the many possibilities of paper. It was essential to target creatives; pushing paper as a tool for design. The solution would promote Conqueror paper, inspiring creatives to use it. Only the use of paper was permitted.

Stick to Paper brings a newness to an everyday used common product with this simple yet original concept turning sticky notes on its head.

By simply characterising each of Conqueror paper samples, paper finally has its day. Each top sheet in a stack takes a playful and light-hearted swipe at technology emphasising what we all love and cherish about paper in a conversation starter.  This witty alternative to paper swatch books has clear benefits – not only useable and functional, the would-be buyer also spends a prolonged contact time with said paper.

These tempting promo items would be sent to creative studios who will love placing an order for more Conqueror products. So go Stick to Paper–it’s definitely worth the paper it’s printed on!